Radio New Music

A New Music Discovery Show Featuring Original Music Only - NO Covers!

Indie Artists and Bands - Rock - Pop - Country - Folk - Alternative - Americana R&B - Soul - Blues - Gospel - Worldbeat - Acoustic and Electric!
RadioNewMusic WBCQ Morse Code
Season One - Every Saturday
Feb 17 through May 26, 2018
5-6:00 PM Eastern US Time
2100-2200 GMT / UTC

Season Two (Late Summer/Fall 2018)
Schedule To Be Announced Shortly

Listening to the actual broadcast on the radio is easy!

Just power up your shortwave receiver and dial in (or keypad enter in) the frequency of 7490 kilohertz, sometimes also expressed as 7.490 megahertz, just a little before 5 PM Eastern US time (2100 GMT / UTC) and enjoy the show!

If you don't have a shortwave radio - you can still listen online here...

Interested in buying a shortwave radio? There are many decent new and used radios out there that will work great.

If you'd like a recommendation on an easy to use radio that won't break the bank - you may want to consider the Tecsun PL-310ET.  You can find these online usually between $40 and $50 with shipping included.

Here's a review of the Tecsun PL310 here.

RadioNewMusic WBCQ Morse Code