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The Radio Log

>>>Repeat broadcast May 26, 2018 - 2100 GMT<<<

Original broadcast March 10, 2018 - 2200 GMT
Encore broadcast April 7, 2018 - 2100 GMT


All log entries in order of appearance on show...

Emma Forman
Song #1: The Backup Boyfriend
Song #2: I Wish You Loved Me

The Marc Mayer Band
Song: Chicago Mud
Album: A Little Travelin' Music

The Wylde Things
Song: Don't Start Crying Now

Moving Skies
Song: Carry On
Album: Moving Forward

Jim Palana
Song: Lost Boys Grow Up
Album: Old Head

Haylee Slaughter
Song: You Were But A Dream
Album: Anonymous

John Thibodeaux
Song: Buzzed On Loving You
Album: Moments Like This

Kirk Fleta
Song: Bare bones
Album: Bare Bones

Steve Wilkins
Song: Saul and David
Album: No rain Remain

Eric Robbins
Song: Strong

Anna Fragouli / Deema Homsi
Song: Ol' Cloud Nine

A Very Loud Death
Song: Gluttony
Album: Lanterns

Jackie Marie
Song: Gotta find My Way

Lezlie Vehikite
Song: Vava'u Lahi

End 2300 GMT March 10, 2018
End 2200 GMT April 7, 2018

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