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The Radio Log

Very First Broadcast Feb 17, 2018 - 2200 GMT
Encore Broadcast March 3 and May 5, 2018


All log entries in order of appearance on show...

Jefferey Phillip Nelson
Song : Shotglass
Album : Vocal Vibe Radio

Kyle Keller
Song : I've Known Love
Album : I've Known Love

Big Shoals
Song : You Ain't Nothing Like The Girls Back Home
Album : Hard Lessons

Steve McComb
Song : Whyn'tcha Come Over
Album : Come On In
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Terah Boyd
Song : Eyes Of Faith
Album : Created Me

Dennis DiChiaro
Song : Everybody Knows
Album : N/A
YouTube Channel:

Joe Gallagher Jr.
Song : Thunder
Album : Side Effects

Midnight River Crew / Mark Johnson
Song: Changing Places
Album : N/A

Dan Boniface
Song : Facing Addiction
Album : N/A

Song : The Road
Album : N/A

Song : Solo De Deseos
Album : N/A
Youtube video:

Dave Lauber
Song : As Hard As I Try
Album : N/A

One And Not One (Norm Hite)
Song: What Love Means To Me
Album : N/A

"J6" Jarrett Dean
Song : Pretty When She Smiles
Album : N/A

Outro Song (will be featured in next show)

"Vava'u Lahi" by Lezlie Vehikite
YouTube Channel :

End 2300 GMT

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