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The Radio Log

Broadcast May 12, 2018 - 2100 GMT

All log entries in order of appearance on show...

Michael Saint James
Song : Good God Almighty What A Party

Midnight Kahuna
Song: Howl At The Moon

Master Plan B
Song : Cold Valentine
Album : Master Plan B

Eric Agner
Song : Sweet Devotion
Album : Out Of Nowhere

Haylee Slaughter
Song: You Were But A Dream
Album: Anonymous

Jim Palana
Song: Lost Boys Grow Up
Album: Old Head

Midnight Kahuna
Song: Break It To Me Gently

Nakucho Lastbaby
Song: My Mama

Igor Bulanov
Song: Moving To Light
Song: White birds


Midnight River Crew / Mark Johnson
Song: Changing Places

Aron L Flow
Song : Rubber Band Bubble Gumball
Album : Single Release

Josh Woodward
Song : My Favorite Regret
Album : Addressed To The Stars

End 2200 GMT

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