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The Radio Log

Broadcast May 19, 2018 - 2100 GMT

All log entries in order of appearance on show...

Tortuga Shades
Song : Wild Mind

Ayla Nereo
Song : Sacred Mountain
Album : BeHeld

Michael Saint James
Song : Heartbreaker

Craig Marshall
Song : Something On Your Mind
Song : The Only Sound

Kenny Sawyer
Song : The Land Of Milk And Honey
Album : Single Release

Hope Darling
Song : Lifeline

BillyJean Hicks
Song : Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Album : Single Release

Manny Leigh
Song : The Magick Box

Katy Kirby
Song : Every time
Album : Three

Blake Pierce
Song : Jessie And You
Single Release

Song : Other Side Of Life

Steve Wilkins
Song: Saul and David
Album: No rain Remain

Jefferey Phillip Nelson
Song : Better Memories
Album : Vocal Vibe Radio

Lezlie Vehikite
Song : Vava'u Lahi
Album : Single Release

End 2200 GMT

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