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OK, so what is shortwave radio?

Shortwave is generally regarded as a band of frequencies higher than the regular AM/medium wave band but much lower in frequency than the FM broadcast band.

One of the unique properties of a shortwave signal is the ability for the transmission to be heard over very great distances from a single transmitter. Whether a station can be heard several hundred miles, or thousands of miles or even around the world depends on many variables. Transmitter power, ionospheric conditions, time of day, mode, the sunspot cycle, frequency used plus many other factors all determine the "range" of a given signal.

Shortwave is useful for military, ham radio, utility communications (ships at sea, long range aircraft, etc.) and is also used by broadcasters to reach large audiences from a single transmitter site.

To see what sort of international broadcasts are still available on shortwave here's a link to "Prime Time Shortwave" a 24 hour schedule of "English Language Broadcasts" but this list does not cover everything that's out there to listen to. For more information you may want to try Googling "shortwave listening".

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