Radio New Music

A New Music Discovery Show Featuring Original Music Only - NO Covers!

Indie Artists and Bands - Rock - Pop - Country - Folk - Alternative - Americana R&B - Soul - Blues - Gospel - Worldbeat - Acoustic and Electric!
RadioNewMusic WBCQ Morse Code

You can submit music to the RadioNewMusic show via "snail mail" or online.

Please send your music-CD, vinyl or cassette to:

Randy Holt
PO Box 128
Fort White, FL 32038

To submit your music online you can email an MP3 file as a file
attachment (but please send only one song per email) to:

If your CD, vinyl or cassette recording contains originals and covers - please identify the original tracks for us.

Also, please send any info about yourself (gigs, bio, background) along with links to online websites, social media, etc., where listeners can interact with you, ask questions, become a fan, purchase your music, etc.

Telephone (352) 682-8667

RadioNewMusic WBCQ Morse Code

If you ever happen to be in Florida we also
have a great open mic on the first and second
Thursday every month - here's the link: