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Radio New Music Radio Angela Shortwave 5130 khz

Hear the Broadcast Live - 3 Different Ways!

1) Listen Over-The-Air / On Radio

Listening to the actual broadcast on the radio is easy. Literally, millions of folks listen to shortwave radio around the world every day!

Just power up your shortwave receiver and dial in (or keypad enter in) the frequency of 5130 kilohertz, sometimes also expressed as 5.130 megahertz, just a little before 10 PM Eastern US time (0300 GMT / UTC) and enjoy the show!

2) Listen Live - YouTube

YouTube now goes live when the broadcast does! The YouTube show archive goes live at exactly 10 PM US EDT Weds Feb 22, 2023 (world date / time 0300 GMT the next day) here's the link but it will NOT WORK until the exact moment the show starts :


YouTube link above for 2/22/23 show. Next episode's link will be added on day of the next broadcast.

Listen Live - Free Web/Online Shortwave Radios

If you don't have a personal shortwave radio you can still listen remotely online live on your computer, touch pad or phone for FREE using a remote online shortwave receiver known as an "SDR" - a Software Defined Radio.

SDR's are located at numerous locations throughout the world. These are physical shortwave radios (receiving off-the-air signals) but software controlled and connected to the web.

Here are some (pre-set) links to several different free online SDR receivers. Ionospheric conditions change frequently so you may need to try a few different links to find the one with the best signal. Just click and listen!

Don't forget - the station transmitter is not turned on until about 4 or 5 minutes before the show starts - you'll just hear static before then. Once they start broadcasting you'll hear a little ID loop with music - in the shortwave broadcast biz it's known as an "interval signal" - show starts promptly at top of the hour...

Some nights some locations will "hear" better than others. Unfortunately, as of late December 2022, radio conditions have been quite poor across the shortwave bands. Conditions change nightly though.



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>>>Poor reception on this one lately


The above receivers are located in the USA or
Canada - this one is off the West coast of Africa
in the Canary Islands:


MORE SDR's Below!

Another group of SDR's located in the USA that support a larger number of multiple simultaneous users...

IMPORTANT - you may have to click on the green "Chrome Audio Start" button or other "start" button before audio will play :

Chrome Audio Start

Chrome Audio Start Button



>>>Poor reception on this one lately

More free SDR's can be found here : http://www.websdr.org/

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Interested in buying a shortwave radio? There are many decent new and used radios out there that will work great.

If you'd like a recommendation on an easy to use radio that won't break the bank - you may want to consider the Tecsun PL-330. You can find these online usually between $70 and $100. Not in your budget? There are even some more basic (and brand new) shortwave radios can be purchased for less.

Here's a review of the Tecsun PL-330.


Telephone  (352) 682 -8667

International callers dial 001-352-682 -8667