A New Music Discovery Show Featuring Original Music Only - NO Covers!

Radio New Music on WBCQ
        Radio Angela Shortwave 5130 kHz

"Radio New Music" show on international
shortwave radio
station Radio Angela - 5130 kHz

Next Show Oct 26, 2022-4th Weds Each Month
10:00 PM Eastern US Time / 0200 UTC-GMT


RadioNewMusic on
                  Randio Angela Shortwave 5130 khz
50,000 Watts of Music Power!

YouTube - Most Recent 09/28/22 FULL Show - Archived on YouTube!

Full "Radio New Music" Show 09/28/2022 WBCQ / Radio Angela Shortwave


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Telephone  (352) 682-8667

International callers dial 01-352-682 -8667

Radio Angela's Shortwave Service on WBCQ
Music, cultural and entertainment programming
Radio New Music returns to airwaves
on Radio Angela Shortwave 5130 kHz